Monday, June 30, 2008

Pulling The Goalie

Things I need to get off my chest:

Mike Smith looks like an ogre at the net. An ogre that is hard pressed to find his footing. I hope he's spending the summer with a really good goaltending coach so he can hone that skill that everyone is convinced he has. The skill that was so important to bring to the team that the Lightning gave up Brad Richards and Johan Holmqvist. Also, please have better taste in helmets and get a hair cut. Take that honker of a paycheck and go to Sport's Clips. They might even give you the cut for free since you're a Lightning player! Read the quote below, and tell me if anything about it rubs you the wrong way. "...and if we cut the shots down in front of him..." Translation: If the other players do all of the work because homeboy can't hack it. Hmm, that inspires confidence. Especially the part where Melrose says he'll be a "very good" goaltender. Very good is how you explain your meal when the waiter or waitress comes up and asks you how your food is.
“Mike Smith will be able to stop it (the puck), he’ll be able to pass it, he’ll be able to move it up,” Melrose said. “That’s a big asset in today’s game. I think with his size and his competitiveness, and if we cut the shots down in front of him and shut down where the shots are coming from in front of him, I think he’s going to be a very good goaltender for a lot of years here in Tampa.” - Barry Melrose, taken from
Marc Denis never should have been put on the team. He was a waste of money. I'm still mad the Lightning gave up Freddie Modin for Denis. I will always have a spot in my heart for Modin, and if the Lighting ever brought him back...I would not be disappointed.

They didn't give Johan Holmqvist enough of a chance. There was a lot of potential there, especially if our defense had been stronger at the time. They should have kept him on the team for his hair alone. At least it's not an awkward bush like some people. HinthintSmithhinthint. But to be serious for a moment, I really felt like he could grow as a goaltender given more practice. He had some pretty amazing games. Remember the shut out games? Everyone was so quick to jump on the Anti-Homer train when word of Mike Smith got out. Bet you all are biting your tongue now!

When Nikolai Khabibulin asked for more money, the Lightning should have given him more money. You shouldn't mess with the Bulin Wall!

Karri Ramo needs a lot of work. A lot. Why couldn't we have gotten Marc-Andre Fleury? Granted, he sat on the puck and it slid in the net causing the ruination of the Penguins during the Stanley Cup finals. But up until then, he was rockin!

Let's talk John Grahame for a moment because his entire existence makes me laugh. He went from Lightning to Hurricanes, got put on waivers January of 08, and now is playing for the Avangard Omsk. Basically, he fell apart. Part of me feels bad for him. Part of me laughs at the fact that he got his ass handed to him November 07 during the Lightning vs. Hurricanes game. Yes, I'm awful. But truthfully, there was a time I was rooting for John. I liked Grahame over Sean Burke, that's for sure. Then they both ended up not making the cut.

Goaltending is key. Why hasn't anyone in the franchise figured that out yet? They like to pretend like they have it under control. Let's face it though. They don't.


Anonymous said...

ok ok ok, so wait a second we have to look more into the trade of Brad Richards. Yes we did give up a former conn smythe trophy winner but we did get two grinders in Jussi Jokinen, is that spelled right???? and Jeff Halpern. Jokinen has geled on the first line and Halpern is solid, he fills the void of the former often hip injury plagued Tim Taylor and whut the right coaching maybe Mike Smith can be a solid goaline..plan B Ray Emery is going to be bought out or placed on waivers...a little competition never hurt anybody!! keep up the writing!

Miss Conduct said...

Bigdawg450 - First off, let me say thank you for the comment! You were the first and I couldn't be more excited!

Okay - here is my thought on the Brad Richards trade. Yes, we got three players out of giving up too. It was like buy one, get one free. If we were at a shoe sale, that would be great. Jokinen and Halpern are great players. I especially like Halpern and I think he could be a good leader on the team. Assuming he comes back 100% after his surgery. Especially since Tim Taylor is now officially gone, we do need a leader. Although, even when Taylor was on the ice he kind of served no purpose but thats a whole different entry!

I just think when it comes down to Mike Smith, he's a money pit. He's going to need to take on a lot of training to get him to where he should be for a 1st string goaltender. I just really think money would have been well spent elsewhere. And like you said about Emery, with him on waivers get him on the team would mean actually getting a goaltender. Emery is great. Ottawa just didn't know how to play him.

Anyway, thanks again for the comment and more importantly thanks for reading. Hope you'll come back!