Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Andre Roy has a posse.

I don't know why this image exists on the internet. This is what actually comes up when I Google Andre Roy under Google images. Apparently he has a posse. I wonder if I can join his posse. Maybe I'll contact whoever made this image, assuming I ever find them in order to join. Part of me hopes I don't find them, because it's more funny to me this way. This image was also followed up by a comment stating that he is the brute squad. I don't even know what that means! Other photos that come up when I Google Andre consist of fans meeting him, a Canadian musician, a can of mini mulch, and this guy...

Thank you internet for all you offer me at 11:13 at night, right before I'm going to bed. I needed a good laugh! I swear I'll post something more of substance tomorrow. This was just my random "I just finished my last class for the summer and needed to do something stupid" post.

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