Thursday, July 3, 2008

Are you kidding me? Part Deux.

Oren Koules is giving away money like it's candy and now he's in a pickle. Apparently when he signed up to own the Lightning he failed to remember about the salary cap until the bitter end. In order to remedy this problem, they are trying to push Boyle out of the Forum. According to sources, many deals have been put on the table for Boyle to look over and decide whether or not he would want to waive his no-trade clause. One deal that has gotten shot down already was Dan Boyle and Jussi Jokinen to play for San Jose Sharks for Patrick Marleau. The Senators also made an offer, but the money was nominal. As of now, Boyle has not said yes or no to a deal involving both him and Jeff Halpern being sent to Philadelphia in exchange for Derian Hatcher. Vancouver has also put a deal on the table for Boyle in exchange for Mattias Ohlund and a first round draft pick in 2009.

Rumor has it that Melrose has nothing to do with the want to trade Boyle. But after he went on about him not being tough a while back with the skate/arm/non-blood incident - who can know? He could just be saying that he has nothing to do with the picks as a way to fool the media. Never trust a mullet. Unless we're talking Billy Ray's mullet circa "Achy Breaky Heart". May that mullet rest in peace. All I know is that I'm officially annoyed and frustrated with the trade talk. Leave Boyle alone! It's bad enough the Fantastick Four went down to the Thrilling Three. What's it going to be when Boyle is gone? Dynamic Duo? I'm sorry, but the spot of Dynamic Duo is already filled and that's my best friend and I. Marty Muffin and Vinny can't compete with that. It's late. I'm rambling.

In addition to all of the Boyle fodder, the Lightning also signed three unrestricted free agents for minors today. Scott Jackson and Wyatt Smith both signed three year entry level contracts and David Koci signed one year, two way contract.

I also read a blog about Chris Gratton being nervous to play golf at a Wayne Gretzky tournament.
"It's because I'm hitting a golf ball in front of people," said Gratton, who just wants to be a good teammate for his professional partner.
Freaking genius.

Also, I don't know who this guy is...but I want to be his friend.

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