Thursday, July 3, 2008

Are you kidding me?

It's apparent that the Lightning don't actually want to win, and acquiring 37 new members (total exaggeration, but it seems like 37) was just a rouse. The rumors in regards to trading Dan Boyle are still swirling around, now more than ever. Posted on late last night, it was said that the Lightning have contacted Boyle's agents stating that there is a deal in the works and at least three teams are seriously interested in him.

In February of 08, Boyle signed a six-year 40 million dollar extension with has a no-trade clause. But alas, there is a stipulation that any possible trades would have to happen in the 1st year of contract (which started officially on July 1st, very conveniently), and Boyle would have to approve the trade. He would be stupid to approve the trade, regardless of how much money any team offered him. In his personal life, he just married a girl from Tampa and they are expecting in November. Also, he recently bought property to build a new house on. He signed that extension because he wants to stay in Tampa. Why the Lightning want to even take that route is beyond me. There are so many other players on the team that would be better suited for a trade, simply because they didn't produce as well as expected in previous seasons.

Kuba might be the one to get rid of in order to free up funds. He didn't have the season the Lightning would have hoped for, especially while Boyle was out. Here is another novel idea - stop dishing out way too much money to rookies. Cut Tarnasky's pay just based solely on the fact that he has no personality, what so ever. After checking out, it's just so apparent that there are other options that don't include trading the most solid defenseman we have. (Paul Ranger, don't be mad that I said that. It's just that you recently had surgery, so we can't know if you are going to be coming back at 100%. kisskiss.)

Dan Boyle, your wife probably wants you to stay in Tampa so her parents can be a part of your child's life. Keep that in mind! Plus, with you gone - how am I going to get my fix of rock music? It's not Lukowich that has a radio show - it's you!

Shame on you Oren for even putting this thought in anyone's head!

I'm going to make shirts that say "Don't free Dan." This is crap, and I'm mad.

Bright side: I just read the roster and Gratton got taken off of it. Apparently the Lightning read my blog stating that I hated him. And who said we fans can't make a difference?

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Anonymous said...

ok ok totally agree with the dan boyle comments, I think something of these rumors has to be brought back to barry melrose. I dont know if you remember this or not, but remember when dan boyle took a skate to the neck, right after zednik, so when it happened boyle took off his glove and grabbed his neck, then saw that he wasnt bleeding and then went back after the puck. It was a little too late and they ended up scoring. Melrose said that Boyle was not acting tough and it was his fault the goal was scored....He was fuming about it, I think it was totally understandable for Dan to act that way, I think we all would have done the same thing. Anyways, heres my disagreement, I know you dont like mr. Gratton but he is guaranteed to give you 45 seconds of hard ass play. HEs a huscle guy and hes a good teammate, hes the Johnny Gomes of the lightning, keep that in mind, we may be losing a gritty veteran, good presence for young guys!