Thursday, July 10, 2008


Oh wow, the Lightning actually signed a defensemen. What a completely crazy idea! Yesterday Andrew Hutchinson was signed to a two year contract. Hutchinson just finished up the 2007-2008 season playing in the AHL with the Hardford Wolf Pack. Out of 67 games, he had 18 goals and 46 assists. The year before that he was playing with the Carolina Hurricanes for two seasons, including their Stanley Cup winning season. During his season with the Wolf Pack, he was awarded the Eddie Shore Award for most outstanding defensemen. That's great to be the best in the AHL but how is that going to play into the NHL? When playing the Hurricanes, he only logged an 11 point season in 2006, and a 14 point season during 2007. Hmm... he went from 11 to 14 and then jumped to 64? I'm very interested in seeing how he plays again in the NHL after having the successful season that he did in the AHL.

Another interesting piece of information that was made official yesterday was the fact that Greg Malone was announced as head professional scout. He spent the last two seasons working for the Phoenix Coyotes and prior to that he spent 16 years with the Penguins. During his time with the Penguins he was in charge of drafting players such as Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, and Ryan Malone. Ryan Malone? Gee! That name sounds familiar. Now, the fact that Greg was taking over this position leaked right around the time that his son, Ryan Malone, was signed to the Lightning is very suspicious. Why they decided to wait til now to actually announce it officially is beyond me. Greg should feel right at home considering half of the "new" Lightning are players traded from the Penguins. Same people, different climate. But at least we do actually have Penguins here. Thank you Lowry Park Zoo, and the Florida Aquarium.

Welcome new assistant coaches Rick Tocchet, Wes Walz and Cap Raeder. Hope you don't suck. Peace out Sully. I would absolutely love to have an interview with Tortorella sometime in my life, and find out what his opinion of the new Lightning is. I'm sure what he has to say about all of the trades, and drafts would be very entertaining especially in regards to Dan Boyle. Maybe I'll write him an e-mail. But probably not.

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