Friday, July 11, 2008

LB is the new LC.

During my routine Lightning article search, I stumbled upon this quote and about died:
On Tuesday July 8th, Len Barrie was quoted in the St. Petersburg Times as saying: "I'll predict right now, Tampa Bay will win the division. That's how much we like our team."

Wednesday, Bruce Boudreau, coach of the Capitals, responded to this slight with a statement which was dripping with sarcasm: "We just hope to be in second place because Tampa says they're going win the division. So if we play good enough to get to second place, we'll be happy."

LB, you are just making friends everywhere you go, aren't you? But hey, maybe if you say this kind of crap early enough, Bruce won't remember that he clearly hates you the next time the Capitals play the Lightning. Idiots. Quit shaking your sticks around. Why do I feel like I suddenly stepped into a new episode of the Hills? LB is turning into the new LC. For those of you who live under a rock, or have a life - I'm referring to Lauren Conrad. The queen of "accidentally" getting herself into a fight with her "very best friends"!

Also in my morning research, I've noticed that Andre still hasn't been signed anywhere. Hopefully this will change because I will obviously follow the rest of his career since he is a bad ass. After reading the Q&A with Ryan Malone, I got even more sad about Andre. asked Malone who would do the best impression of him, and he answered it with Andre. Maybe, just maybe...if no one picks up Roy, the Lightning will resign him anyway. Maybe they are making him sweat it out of punishment. I can only hope. But more than likely I'm too optimistic for my own good when it comes to him.
No one can know exactly how mad I am that they re-signed Chris Gratton today. Finding this out is equal to getting high sticked in the face. So mad. Him not being on the team was my bright light at the end of the Boyle-less tunnel. All I have to say is that they better re-sign Roy if I have to watch Gratton skate around for another year on Lightning ice.

I'm definitely more shocked about Gratton being re-signed than I am that Jay Feaster resigned. It was pretty obvious that was going to happen considering OK and LB basically made his position obsolete. They were running the show and Feaster was just sitting on the sidelines eating a pretzel.

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