Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Olaf Kolzig is in the house, or at least will be!

A little birdie just gave me a good piece of information that I couldn't wait to post! Rumor has it that the Lightning signed on Olaf Kolzig from the Washington Capitals today. Apparently the Lightning plan on alternating between Smith and Kolzig. I can't help but wonder where Ramo fits in with this though. Kolzig has 301 wins under his belt since playing for the Capitals. He most certainly has a lot of experience and hopefully Smith can take all of the advice Kolzig can give.

The contract that Olaf signed was for only one year, which I find to be very peculiar. With all of the multi-year contracts that are happening, I am curious as to why Kolzig wasn't given one. Seeing as how he's played on the Capitals for his entire professional career, I think he's about to have some culture shock. No longer will he be living in a state with actual seasons. You know, I give a lot of credit to sports figures. One day you live in one state, and at the blink of an eye - you get moved! I most certainly couldn't deal with that. But that was just a random thought. Moving on!

Question: How many goaltenders does it take to keep a puck out of the net?
Answer: Three.

Also signed today was right wing Adam Hall, acquired from the Penguins as well. (Apparently we covet their team. Can we get that hot piece of ass Crosby too?) I'm questioning whether or not he'll be a solid addition considering he ended up scoring 3 goals during the playoffs, and only two goals during the regular season. That doesn't inspire confidence.

It seems like a lot of these players are lacking the WOW! factor. The Lightning are in no position at this point in time to not get players who encompass the little something extra. Radim Vrbata has the WOW! factor simply because he's coming out of a break out season with Phoenix scoring 27 goals, and accumulating 56 points in 76 games. That definitely is a player worth signing, assuming he keeps up his momentum.

You know, I love July 1st. Thank you Oren and Len for making this the least boring off season in a long time!

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