Tuesday, August 12, 2008


After sitting in front of my computer for about an hour this morning, I've decided that it's going to take me a very long time to memorize the numbers of the new players. Also, it's going to take quite some time to learn the pronunciation of their names. Try and say Konopka three times fast. See? You can't say it without feeling like a total fool. In a month and two days, it'll be the start of the pre-season games. My skin is humming at the thought. We've now entered my favorite time of the off season. There is nothing better than the anticipation at this point in time. Now is when everything gets a lot more exciting. In May, it feels like October is so far away. But now, in August...it doesn't seem so far. It almost seems bearable. Now is the time when I get ridiculously excited over pre-season games, regular season games, what they could possibly use as an intro to each game, Icefest, Hockey N' Heels, and even buying new merchandise. I cannot wait to buy new shirts! Because you know, four shirts, a jersey, a hoodie and a jacket just isn't enough! I'm honestly starting to make a mental list of things I want to buy to fit into my collection. Speaking of merchandise, Fat Head is finally coming out with a jumbo Lightning logo for your wall. I have every intention of buying it as soon as it's released to put in my Lightning room. Yes, this is when hockey excitement really starts to brew for me.

But I'm really going to miss the intro from last year.

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